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Susan Tracy

Susan TracyI’m susan shelton tracy and I am a shaman and intuitive healer based in charlottesville, virginia. I am certified as a Usui Reiki Master and Zero Balancing Practitioner. In 1999 I began studying the healing arts. When integrating these and more nurturing and stress relieving modalities, I connect and ground clients more deeply to the healing energy of love to support the human body’s innate capacity to heal.

I also offer services and support as a Mold Recovery Counselor. Using knowledge gained from my own healing journey, having recovered from seven plus years of chronic illness and mold toxicity, CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome), I am now strong, healthy, and supporting and guiding clients through their own healing journey and the complex logistics involved in recovering from mold sickness. I would be honored to work with anyone drawn to work with me. People are drawn together for a reason.

I am currently working to complete my certification in Functional Nutrition Counseling.

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