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Mikhael Solenne, FNTP

Director of Energy & Health Coaching Services

Operations Manager

Hailing from New England and now settled with his family in Charlottesville, VA, Mikhael found his way into the health and healing field after losing his mother to cancer when he was 13, and through a decades-long personal journey with chronic fatigue, pain, blackouts, attention issues, depression, and digestive mayhem, while doctors said everything “looked fine”. Trained in and inspired by a wide variety of transformative modalities, traditions, and approaches that address both the outer work of service, body, and nutrition, and the inner work of heart, mind and spirit, he has served clients, customers and trainees for two decades, across five continents. Of the many roles he plays in business and community, Mikhael’s main focus is in serving heart-centered, purpose-driven professionals, leaders, creatives, messengers and change-makers, to help them find a way through what holds them back, so they can serve their purpose more fully, and be the light to the world they are here to be.

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