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Kathryn McGough, RN

Kathryn McGoug30 years of experience as a registered nurse working in an academic medical center. A few years into my nursing career, I started investigating alternative health therapies. I became a massage therapist and started using homeopathic and herbal medicine for myself and my family. My interest and commitment to alternative health continued to grow as I decided that using antibiotics frequently wasn’t the way to a healthy future. I became more committed when doctors were not able to figure out what illness I had. All my tests were “normal” but I was exhausted by 3 pm every day. My exhaustion was negatively impacting my ability to engage and care for my family. My two boys were growing up and I was sleeping away their pre-teen and teen years. The healthcare practitioners I was trying to get answers from started treating me like a hypochondriac. They had no answers. To this day, I am so grateful that I stumbled into Melainie. When she told me she knew what was wrong with me, I wept. She found the root cause of my health issues. I’m now living a normal and fulfilling life.

I have left the academic medical world and joined Melanie’s team as her office nurse manager. I am committed to helping others rediscover their normal life. Today, I don’t hesitate to do activities that bring me joy. This includes family events, rollerblading, festivals, games, the beach, renovations, exploring new destinations, and fully enjoying my life.