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Meet Our Providers

We know…

…having a good team of well-rounded, well-trained providers who talk to each other, who listen to you, and who care about you, can be an incredible support on your journey into greater health.

We’ve each gone through the trials of chronic complex illness.  We’ve had teams that worked well, and teams that didn’t work so well; we’ve been alone without a team, and we’ve had teams we built for ourselves from scratch.

At Be Vital, we’ve now built a team for you, so you have one less thing on your plate.  We’re a community- and family-oriented practice, serving patients in all ages and stages of life.

Whether you’ve been through the ringer, and seen 30 practitioners before us, or you’re just getting started on your health journey, we’d be honored to be part of your, and your family’s, journey.


Good to meet you!


Melanie Dorion

Melanie Dorion, AGNP-BC

Founder & Medical Director

Mikhael Solenne, FNTP

Director of Health & Resilience Coaching Services


Susan Tracy

Susan Tracy

Renée Birchell

Renée Birchell

Kathryn McGough

Kathryn McGough, RN

Abigail Woodfin

Abigail Woodfin