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We know…

…having a good team of well-rounded, well-trained providers who talk to each other, who listen to you, and who care about you, can be an incredible support on your journey into greater health.

We’ve each gone through the trials of chronic complex illness.  We’ve had teams that worked well, and teams that didn’t work so well; we’ve been alone without a team, and we’ve had teams we built for ourselves from scratch.

At Be Vital, we’ve now built a team for you, so you have one less thing on your plate.  We’re a community- and family-oriented practice, serving patients in all ages and stages of life.

Whether you’ve been through the ringer, and seen 30 practitioners before us, or you’re just getting started on your health journey, we’d be honored to be part of your, and your family’s, journey.


Good to meet you!


Melanie Dorion, AGNP-BC

Founder & Medical Director

Mikhael Solenne, FNTP

Director of Health Coaching Services


Melanie Dorion, AGNP-BC

Melanie Dorion, AGNP-BC

Founder & Medical Director

Melanie Dorion is an Integrative and Functional Nurse Practitioner, founder and Medical Director at Be Vital Health Center and founder of Pentad Integrative Health. She focuses on managing and reversing chronic illnesses, disease prevention and health optimization.

Her approach is grounded in nursing, Functional and Naturopathic medicine philosophies. She studied Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University in Washington before doing her Nurse Practitioner degree at Seattle University. She has received advanced training in obesity management, nutrition, exercise science, herbal medicine and genetics allowing for a unique approach to health concerns.

Melanie’s work centers on environmentally acquired illnesses including Lyme disease and co-infections and mold illness and performance optimization. As a former professional cyclist and mountain biking Canadian National champion, Melanie understands peak performance and the importance of having mind, body and spirit working optimally. Melanie is also a chronic disease survivor, having reversed chronic fatigue and Lyme disease.

Now a business owner, mother, wife and locally competing athlete, optimal performance is important in all areas of her life. Melanie combines her understanding of optimal performance and medical knowledge to support patients wanting to feel and perform their best, whatever their role – from being a parent, an athlete, executive or a musician.

Melanie is also passionate about educating the next generation of healthcare providers and teaches through her online educational platform, Pentad Integrative Health,and enjoys public speaking. Her speaking engagements include Genova Diagnostics, A4M, Biohealth Congress FIM and is a regular speaker at Mary Baldwin University in addition to leading health workshops and Functional Forum meetings in Virginia.

She is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Obesity Medicine Association and the Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners. Melanie also enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, cycling and trail running – anything fun on trails.

Read more about Melanie’s story here.


Mikhael solenne, FNTP

Mikhael solenne, FNTP

Director of Health Coaching Services

Mikhael Solenne is a student of the intersection of the mind, heart, physical body, and spirit, and has trained for almost 20 years in a wide variety of therapeutic and transformative modalities and approaches.  These include certification as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and as a graduate of Alberto Villoldo’s four-year intensive Healing the Light Body School for shamanic/energy medicine practitioners. 

He has additional extensive experience in the five seasons healing (acupuncture) tradition, meditation, conscious business-building, archetypal healing, functional medicine, and other practices from numerous traditions.  He is also a carpenter, cook, husband and papa, currently living in Charlottesville, VA.

Mikhael’s long journey with chronic fatigue and pain, blackouts, anxiety, depression, and general digestive mayhem⁠—while doctors said everything “looked fine”⁠—inspired him onto the path of serving clients, customers and trainees in the health and wellness field for nearly two decades, across five continents.

He founded his first private functional food & nutrition practice at 23 years old, and later co-founded what became a successful international coaching company, aimed at supporting heart-and-purpose-driven entrepreneurs, speakers and high-achievers in self-care, nutrition, boundaries, clarity, and personal sovereignty.

When he was 13, Mikhael’s mother died following a long struggle with cancer, and after college, he performed end-of-life, live-in 24/7 caregiving and hospice co-management for both his grandmothers and his great aunt, giving him firsthand experience with cancer, dementia and other complex chronic conditions. These experiences all furthered his resolve to find and address the gaping holes in the modern approach to ‘health’.

In his earlier years, he could be found culturing bacteria in the lab, hosting meditation walks, testing chemical stress response in plants, leading mindfulness and creativity workshops, and organizing campaigns to get local and organic foods into campus dining. He’s helped build Habitat for Humanity homes in Guatemala, and has traveled to the jungles of Colombia to study the effect of glyphosate (RoundUp) pesticide spray programs on farming families and the land.

In a practice setting, Mikhael focuses on helping clients cut through overwhelm, stuckness, and the fog of all the health ‘advice’ out there – including the relentless feed of clickbait, diet dogmas, alarmism, fear mongering, fads, oversimplification and conflicts of interest.

Mikhael specializes in meet-you-where-you-are, practical approaches to supporting your physical health, including through food and diet, supplements, lifestyle changes, and various transformative practices.  He also supports, when appropriate, the ‘inner work’ that can address self-sabotage, ‘hangups’ and issues that may be blocking or slowing us from making the changes we know we “ought to” be making.

In the bigger-picture view, he helps clients increase physical and mental energy, digestive strength, resilience to stress, healthier inner narratives and boundaries, and clarity in how to eat in a way that makes sense and is right for them.

He currently supports clients in an expanding range of private and group programs at Be Vital Health Center.

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