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Welcome to Be Vital!

Below are your Orientation videos that will give an overview of our practice, philosophy and approach, the basics of functional and holistic medicine, office policies, timelines for feeling better and what to expect, and how to get going with your program – first steps and beyond.

Orientation is covered in three videos (below).  We recommend you watch them in order.

Please make sure you watch all three, so you are well acquainted with all these different elements to working with us.  This can help you feel more clear and confident about what’s next, and avoid confusion both now and down the road.

Welcome and we’re so glad to be working with you!


Orientation Video 1 of 3

Covers: our practice and providers, our values & approach, overview of functional & holistic medicine.


Orientation Video 2 of 3

Covers: our office policies, including how to communicate with us, refills, cancellations, etc. as well as timelines and expectations around improving your health while working with us.

Orientation Video 3 of 3

Covers: Getting started information – curriculum, supplements, group sessions, intake forms, when your sessions will be, references, etc.

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