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Intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy is a method of getting vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients into the blood stream to correct deficiencies, address health concerns and optimize health. IV administration bypasses the digestive system, delivering nutrients directly into the blood and allows for rapid repletion and higher blood concentration of nutrients.

Many individuals may benefit from IV therapy including patients with fatigue, brain fog, nutritional deficiencies, headaches and migraines, digestive issues, influenza/”the flu”, Lyme disease, Epstein Bar virus, detox issues, patients receiving radiation and chemotherapy. IVs are also great for people looking to continue feeling well and simply wanting to get a little energy boost and support optimal health.



IVC is used for many conditions and to promote optimal health. In cancer, it has been shown to reduce cancer symptoms, reduce treatment side effects and improve quality of life. Non cancer patients often report increased energy and wellbeing within 2-4 treatments. Bloodwork is required before this IV.

Contains: vitamin C, magnesium, fluids and electrolytes.

Uses: cancer support, chronic inflammation and pain, chronic infections such as Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.


Intravenous PC may help replenish the cell membranes, support detox, improve memory, improve neurological disease symptoms and is especially important for patients with toxins and mold illness. This can be given as a push or in an IV.

Contains: PC, fluids and electrolytes.

Uses: Mold illness and other toxin exposures, memory concerns including aging and dementia concerns and neurological conditions.


This IV supports the immune system and is especially beneficial when the system is stressed, run-down or when you are fighting infections. It may also support optimal health before a busy period or prior to travel.

Contains: Lysine, zinc, vitamin C, B complex, fluids and electrolytes.

Uses: immune support, manage and prevent cold/flu/covid, fatigued, stressed and run-down person, chronic infections (Lyme, viral, etc).


ALA is a powerful antioxidant found in every cell in the body and has been used in many conditions including diabetic neuropathy and cancer.

Contains: ALA, fluids.

Uses: neuropathy, including diabetic neuropathy, adjunct to cancer therapy to reduce side effects, inflammation and detox support.


Feeling a little fatigued, run down or just needing a little extra energy? This classic IV is the perfect IV for you! The push is for the person on the go! The Myers is “pushed” intravenously slowly over 6-10min. Contains B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, fluids and electrolytes.


This IV may help you relax, improve sleep and get rid of a headache or migraine.

Contains: Magnesium, Calcium, B6, fluids and electrolytes.

Uses: for feeling stressed and anxious, headaches and migraines, sleep problems.


Great if depleted, to prepare or recover from a race, competitive event or just from a hard workout. Race hard, workout hard and recover harder! Leave everything on the course or at the gym and still feel great afterwards and during the week!

Contains amino acids, B vitamins, magnesium, fluids and electrolytes.

Uses: work-out and race recovery, work-out and race prep, general recovery from pushing life hard and feeling depleted.


For those who enjoy working hard and playing hard and wanting to get rid of the hangover quickly. This IV will help you recover and get you back to work or play in no time.

Contains B vitamins, magnesium, fluids, electrolytes, glutathione. You may also add Toradol for pain and headaches and Zofran for nausea if needed.

Uses: Duh! Recover from abuse of the good things of this world and help jet lag recovery.


One of our most popular products! This injection supports your metabolism, energy system, may help you lose weight and maintain weight loss. And a huge bonus – it can give you an energy boost!! This is an intramuscular (IM) injection done in-office, and takes less than 20min, perfect for a busy schedule!


Glutathione is our “master” antioxidant and supports our detox and respiratory systems. This may be added on to most IVs for additional antioxidant benefits or may be nebulized to support the respiratory system during upper respiratory infections, after toxin exposure or simply to optimize lung function. The nebulized treatment takes approximately 15minutes.

Uses: for general and lung Inflammation, respiratory concerns and Infections including , upper respiratory infections and bronchitis, lung disease such as COPD and After a toxin exposure.


  • B-complex: For more energy, to support detox and mental clarity.
  • Zinc-Lysine: To give your immune system a little boost.
  • Amino acids: Helps general fatigue and muscular recovery.
  • Toradol: Helps pain and inflammation.
  • Zofran: Helps with nausea. Let us know if you have a heart condition before.

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