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Functional & Holistic Health Coaching


At Be Vital, our holistic health coaching team can help you:

Upgrade, troubleshoot, maintain and course-correct dietary, supplement and lifestyle strategies


Move more gracefully through your personal seasons of growth and change – in body, mind and spirit


Navigate gaps, stuck spots, and long-overdue opportunities for change, and


Gain traction and build momentum behind new healthy habits

So you can change the trajectory of your life and health path, to better show up, do your thing, shine your light, and be more you.

From stress, overload and unsustainable schedules, to sedentary lifestyles, sleep disruption, digestive challenges, and nutrient-poor foods… chemicals in food, water and air, and so much more, many of us are receiving the wake-up call to care for ourselves more than ever.


Our coaching team is guided by an approach that is:

Practical, action-oriented & “meet-you-where-you-are” – so we’re not just talking; so you have something you can actually do, and then do it the best you can – even if it’s a stretch.


Positive & non-judgmental – when going through the unavoidable ups and downs of the journey, remembering the vision, staying true, and not judging ourselves if we stumble


Dynamic & non-dogmatic – taking into account your unique challenges and preferences, and a variety of approaches and perspectives – not stuck in ideological ‘health and wellness’ sub-cultures and fads


Collaborative & partnership-oriented – we’re not here to tell you what to do; we’re here to co-labor with you, support and encourage, and explore your growth edges in partnership


Sovereignty & responsibility-oriented – You are the captain of your ship; as you re-claim your power, you must make the final decisions, show up, and do the work


Holistic-minded – honoring you as a ‘whole person’; not reducing you to a physical body (you’re not just a ‘meatbag’ or ‘walking lump of cells’) or a bunch of symptoms (you’re not a “depression case” or “thyroid client”) – you have a heart, a mind, a spirit, a purpose.

We honor you as someone living a rich and dynamic story – and you’re right here – in the middle of your story – ready to turn the page, and maybe even move on to a new chapter.  This is why listening is key to all our work.

We want to know who you are, where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’d like to go – where your life is calling you.

You’re not here to ‘do a diet’ or ‘get 8 hours of sleep’ or ‘do emotional work’!

Those are just tools on the path.

You’re here to live vitally, and shine your light.

In this work we call ‘health coaching’, we address everything from nutrition and digestive support, to helping you implement functional medicine protocols, deal with mold remediation, create a healthy nontoxic kitchen and home, manage stress; or even go deeper, to shift at more subtle levels. We offer a variety of services to support you on your health and healing journey.


Functional Holistic Health Coaching


So many of us are now waking up.  Waking up to the fact that we have a say in how we feel.  We aren’t a victim to our bodies. We can change habits, change our food, change how we move, change our environment – and take charge of our health.

As we wake up to this truth, for many of us it can feel nearly impossible to know what to do, how to do it, and how to prioritize what – especially when trying to do it on our own – without help.

This is exacerbated with all the conflicting blogs and videos, jargon and clickbait, conflicts of interest, perspectives and approaches out there; and let’s not forget “Dr. Google”.

At Be Vital, our holistic health coaching team offers creative partnership, guidance and accountability as you navigate your own body and life health.  Based on your unique story and preferences, your health coach can support your growth in areas that may include:

  • Functional nutrition & dietary practices
  • Healthy food choices, shopping, meal planning and cooking
  • Supplementation, remedies and nutrients
  • Mindset, self-messaging, narratives, mental/emotional health
  • Stress management and resilience strategies
  • Lifestyle, and building new rhythms, habits and routines
  • Healthy movement & exercise
  • Toxin exposure reduction, and building a nontoxic home and life
  • Life-supportive practices (sleep/circadian rhythm, lighting, grounding, etc.)
  • Short and long-term goal and vision development
  • and more…

Holistic health coaching can serve both as a standalone support, and also serves as an essential element in our comprehensive functional medicine and hormone programs.

All our comprehensive functional medicine and hormone programs include health coaching automatically.



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