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Group Calls Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find the Zoom link to get on the call?

This is found in the email we sent you.  See also below question “How will you notify me of the calls?”


How long are the group calls?

They are scheduled for 60 min.


What kind of format will the calls take?

Calls will be on Zoom, and will involve a presentation – on average, approximately 15-20 min., and live interaction, including an open group coaching Q & A with your host, during which you’ll have time to ask questions, get help, and receive support on your journey.


Who else will be on the calls?

We keep these calls exclusive to fully-invested practice members at Be Vital Health, who are enrolled in an active membership or package. Due to our specialization in chronic complex illness, essentially every person on each call has addressed, or is in a process of addressing some combination of issues including fatigue, mold illness, lyme, chronic infections, toxicity, autoimmunity, hormone imbalance, brain fog, chronic pain, and gastrointestinal challenges.


How will  you notify me of the calls?

We will use email to notify you with call-in information, times and dates. Emails will be coming from announcements@bevitalhealth.com – make sure to ‘allow’ and filter these messages in your email settings if needed, to make sure they end up in your inbox.  Please note this is an outgoing-only address. See the bottom of this email for more details and a reminder of our communications policy. If you’re wondering about class information and think you haven’t received an email in a while, search your email in case it got routed into spam. If you’re still having issues receiving notifications, please let us know so we can investigate. We are exploring options to use text messaging at some point as well, but this is not currently an offered feature.


What kind of topics will be included in the presentations/curriculum?

We will put attention on a wide range of factors, including many that are overlooked or under-represented, that play a role in how we express health and illness.  The focus will be both on an understanding/conceptual/theoretical element, and a ‘transformative practice’/application element, to keep things grounded and practically usable.   Perspectives from a wide variety of traditions, approaches, and systems will be included, forming a unique approach to many of these topics.


Is there any cohesive rhythm to the calls?

Yes. Although each class is self-contained and relatively standalone, there are two key rhythms we will follow.  (1) A yearly rhythm: we will be tracking through a curriculum cycle linked to the seasons, based generally on the 5-seasons traditional Chinese healing/acupuncture model, which is one variation of the archetypal map some refer to as a “medicine wheel” which brings us through cycles of discovery, practice and transformation.  (2) A monthly rhythm: Like breathing, out-and-in, each month, with its two topics, will begin with more of a focus on the outer/physical/material (Call A), and end with more of a focus on the inner/wisdom/subtle path (Call B), and then back to outer/physical the next month, as we build rhythm and balance in our lives – qualities essential to any true transformative healing process.


What happens if I miss a call?  Will I mess up the sequence for myself?

These calls are meant to be fairly standalone, and will not ‘mess’ anything up; but the curriculum does flow in an intentional rhythm. In general, the more consistent you can be, the better – but this is about you, and we trust you’ll prioritize the best you can, given your life situation, your bandwidth, and all you’re managing.


Do you offer makeup calls if I miss one?

We do not offer makeup calls for missed sessions.  We are delighted to host them at the scheduled time, and delighted to have you join us if you can and wish!  We will do our best to make sure you have access, and please let us know if you’re having technical issues, and we’ll do what we can to support you.


Do I have to be on these calls?

Of course not. You don’t ‘have to’ do anything with us at all! 🙂 You are a sovereign being!  If you’re asking ‘do I have to be on these calls to get results with you?’ the answer is not necessarily.  You have access to them, and they will provide additional support – which certainly can improve results, either directly or indirectly.  The true holistic health approach is not, and cannot be, a plug-and-chug kind of process – it requires deep personal engagement, and transformation of mental, emotional, physical and lifestyle habits over time.  You do what you feel inspired to do, and take advantage of what we have to offer you as fully as you are ready, willing, and able.  You are the goal – it’s about you, and your life, and those given to your care – it’s not about us, or “have to’s”.  Follow your own inner knowing, and show up for yourself first.  If that leads you to showing up for the calls also, or at least the ones with which you might resonate, then we’re glad to have you!


What if I miss a call? Will it be recorded?

We are working on setting up recording of the teaching/training (active presentation) portion of the call.  During the presentation, which will usually be in the 15-20 minute range, all participants will be muted and not visible on the recording – even if their camera is on.  All live interactions and sharing, including live coaching/Q & A, will not be recorded in the interests of maintaining relative privacy and reducing barriers to participants sharing.  If you miss a call, you will not have access to the bulk of the call, including the live Q&A.


What if the timing of the call doesn’t work for my schedule?

For one, it’s worth affirming what we all already know – that unlike 1-on-1 sessions, group sessions are essentially impossible to match with everyone’s schedules.  Here are a few answers to this question: (1) In our experience, those who really want to be on a call will tap their resources, stretch creative solutions, and find a way.  Talk to your partner, boss, friend, babysitter – there may be a hidden opportunity there – there may yet be a way!  All that said, sometimes life happens, sometimes it takes time to figure out a solution, and also sometimes there are still untenable situations.  Hence: (2) We are currently looking into ways to expand scheduling offerings – stay tuned; and (3) We are currently building out our recording functionality for at least part of the session (see above).


What if my computer is not working, or I’m away from it?

If you look at the connection options in your emails, you’ll see a phone dial-in option, as well as an option to connect via your browser window (option appears if you click the login link).  These options won’t be as fully featured as the desktop client, but you should be able to get on!


What if my question isn’t relevant to the topic of the week? Can I sill ask it?

Of course. The topics are themed, and there will be time to ask questions regarding that call’s specific topic, but the open Q & A is open to any question relating to your health and healing journey.  Please ask!


Can I bring up specific personal challenges or questions during the Q & A for feedback and coaching?  Or do I have to keep it generic/general-audience appropriate?

A few answers: (1) Please bring up whatever is slowing you down, or burning on your mind!  Of course, you choose your level of participation and sharing.  (2) Note: Your host will not have your personal chart up, and will not have reviewed your exact up-to-date protocol and plan, so do what you can to briefly remind your host, and give any relevant context.  (3) Also, we find it common that questions and issues faced by one person, even if very specific, are often similar or the same as those faced by someone else – often including someone who didn’t even realize they were having that issue, or someone who did, but were feeling shy and didn’t ask.  When you ask your questions, you often will be serving others as well – and possibly not even know it!  See also next question.


My question is a dumb question; too simple; shows I don’t know much; not something anyone would care about – why would I ask it? I don’t want to waste anyone’s time!

A few answers to this question. (1) This kind of attitude usually comes from a place of self-devaluation/self-protection due to some history of being hurt.  This is a symptom.  Look to the root cause, and do what you can to shift it, as part of your healing journey.  We would love to hear from you.  (2) Everyone on the call is here to learn and grow.  We will maintain a culture of assuming everyone has huge knowledge gaps – including your presenter/host.  Acknowledging your gaps in experience & knowledge, and seeking answers, is a mighty act!  (3) Criticism and judgement of self and others is part of a toxic culture and mindset, and gets in the way of healing.  One core goal of our work together is to help de-toxify all layers of your life, as best we can.  Do what is possible to let go of these habits as part of your healing process. (4) As mentioned above, your question might not only be worthwhile unto itself, but someone else might deeply benefit from you asking your genuine question – and you may never even know!


Do I have to share?

Certainly not – you don’t have to share.  We’re not about ‘have to’s’ here anyway!  We encourage sharing, but understand this is not for everyone, for a variety of reasons.  We invite you to do what you can, stretch yourself a little if you can – maybe to the very edge or even a little beyond your comfort zone – but don’t force it, and do take care of yourself.  Only you know where your limits are.  Feel free to say ‘I’ll pass’ or ‘I’ll pass for now’ if, say, the host checks in on you or asks you a question.  We’ll maintain a culture of respect and nonjudgment throughout!  You’re welcome to participate by just being present, and witnessing.


Do I have to keep my camera on?

We’re not here to enforce or control what you do – you do you!  But similar to the previous question on sharing, we encourage you to keep your camera on. It’s helpful to both host and participants to not see a bunch of black screens looking out at them. Just because this is a zoom/virtual meeting, doesn’t mean we don’t want to see your face however you’re showing up – even if you’re in bed, or the lighting isn’t good, etc.. Seeing each other builds a certain trust, and a deeper sense of community and connection, even if we’re all visible to each other, and no-one is even talking. This is part of being Present. If you’d prefer to blur/hide your background, feel free to use the virtual background feature in Zoom. If you turn off your camera, it adds to a culture in which camera-turned-off is normalized, which we’ve found tends to decrease connection between participants, including the host. We are aiming at building a sense of connection & community – so please do what you can to help keep the culture as a camera-on culture. Of course, we’d love to have you on the call, however you can show up – so if you must turn off your camera here and there for whatever reason, such as if driving, family antics in background, or going to bathroom, we’re still so glad you made the effort, and you’re with us!


Are you looking forward to me joining the group calls?

Absolutely!  We hope to see you there!




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