Welcome to Be Vital Health Center!

Be Vital Health Center is an Integrative and Functional medical clinic committed to optimizing your health and to help you reach peak performance. Together we will get to the root cause of your health challenges and improve how you feel, think, sleep, and perform. My approach is grounded in Naturopathic, Nursing and Functional Medicine principles thus is preventive, patient-centered, promotes the body’s ability for healing by using traditional and natural therapies. My approach goes beyond relieving symptoms and attempts to facilitate the body’s innate healing processes. Conditions I most commonly treat: Lyme disease and co-infections, mold illness and toxins, fatigue, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases and digestive issues. I also work with peak performers, athletes and executives, to help achieve the best results of mind and body.

I believe optimal health and peak performance are the norm, not the exception.



1. Fill out this intake form and the receipt of privacy practices.
Please make sure to fill all pages, especially page 6 of the intake form (your history), this is one of the most important pages. This history is critical to a thorough Functional intake.

2. Get copies of labs and testing (urinary or salivary testing for eg) from the last 2-5 yrs.
We do not need your “records” or visit notes or imaging, ONLY labs and testing. Please contact your health care provider(s) directly to get copies of these.

3. Submit intake form and labs/testing to us at least 2 work days before your appointment.
This is very important to ensure the first visit is as efficient as possible. Please email them to or fax to 434-234-9843 (yes, it seems archaic, but the medical world STILL uses faxes quite a bit).


For new patients and IV therapy services
Please call the office at 434-964-6270 to schedule.

For established patients
Book online or call the office at 434-964-6270 to schedule.

Office hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

New patients: Please plan 2hrs total for your first appointment. The office visit will be 90 – 100min but you need to plan for check-in and check-out.

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