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Be Vital Health Center


Charlottesville’s premier integrative and functional medicine clinic, treating chronic complex illness and supporting peak performance.

The FREE seminar will focus on natural solutions to many common ailments that so many currently are struggling from.  Come learn about a holistic approach to hormones, stress and fatigue from the team at Be Vital Health Center. 

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Attend one of our free health education events hosted by the Be Vital team.

We are currently offering these powerful events with limited seating. Get effective options for your own healthcare.

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“My role is to remove obstacles in the body and get out of the way so the body can do its thing.”

~ Melanie Dorion, AGNP

Founder and Medical Director, Be Vital Health Center
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It is not “all in your head”, and it has nothing to do with “not trying hard enough”.  You’re facing a challenge with many layers – one that is complex, and takes time and attention, as we get to the bottom of it.

To get to the bottom of it, we start at the top. We start with listening to you.

We believe you when you say you are not feeling well.  Our team of providers have all dealt personally with chronic complex illness.  You’re not alone.

Charlottesville's Finest

We’re thrilled to announce that Be Vital Health Center won Best Medical Facility in Charlottesville’s Finest.

Thank you to all who voted!


Lyme disease and co-infections Lyme disease and co-infections
Mold Illness Mold illness and toxins
Lyme disease and co-infections Fatigue, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia
Lyme disease and co-infections Peak performance
Lyme disease and co-infections Autoimmune diseases
Lyme disease and co-infections Digestive issues

Our approach


At Be Vital Health Center, we are committed to helping you optimize your health and reach peak performance. Together we will get to the root causes of your health challenges and improve how you feel, think, sleep, and perform. Our approach is grounded in the best of naturopathic, integrative, nursing, holistic and functional medicine principles, using both conventional and natural therapies. Our approach can treat, correct and relieve symptoms, but is at its core preventive & patient-centered, with a focus on getting obstacles out of the way, and promoting the body’s natural intelligence and innate healing processes.

We believe optimal health and peak performance are the norm, not the exception.

It's Time To Take Action!

This fun, informative, and useful lecture will focus on the underlying reasons that men and women struggle with inflammation. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about how functional medicine gets to the root of the problem to transform bodies and lives.

**SEATING IS LIMITED. We will call you to confirm your RSVP. **

What Our Members Are Saying:

Solid Answers For Complex Medical Problems

Melanie and her team helped me find solid answers for complex medical problems that other health care providers could not grasp. Instead of overdosing on prescription medications, I got holistic abd long term recovery tools.
Megan Vail

5 Stars

Professional And Responsive

Be Vital Health Center has been very helpful to me and my family and has a professional and responsive staff. Thank you!
Lisa Stewart

5 Stars

Loving The Holistic Health Advice

Am loving the mix of holistic health advice with rigorous testing and access to allopathic medicines. I also like that there is a membership model so I can pay them to keep me well, not reward them every time I come in sick. Am hopeful and excited to see how well I can get with their help!
Annabeth McNamara

5 Stars

Multidisciplinary Team

As a local physical therapist, I am always glad to share a patient with Melanie Dorion. She collaborates with a multidisciplinary team and never gives up on tough cases. I’ve seen marked improvements in patients with seemingly dire chronic conditions.
Megan Braverman

5 Stars

Always Available To Help

Mel and Be Vital have been a great addition to our medical care for me , my family and my business. She’s always available to help and she gives good preventative and reactive medical treatment. My office visits with her are always thorough and I walk out feeling like I have a solution and a prevention moving forward! I have been a client for many years. Thanks Mel and your team!

John Reynolds

5 Stars

Cutting Edge Resources

Be Vital Health Center is one of Charlottesville’s cutting edge resources in wellness. I was fortunate to find Melanie Dorian when I was in the midst of a serious Lyme Disease issue and her attention to detail and hands on approach restored my faith in medicine. No stone was left unturned and I was treated professionally every step of the way. Every member of the staff was accommodating, warm and knowledgeable. I always felt heard and there was no aspect of my recovery that was left to chance including my gut health which I so greatly appreciated. I cannot recommend Be Vital Health any more highly. They are your first and last stop for all things regarding your well being.

John Shegda

5 Stars

Helped Me Recover

Melanie and the Be Vital team were amazing in helping me recover from a serious health issue with their knowledgeable and holistic approach to health. Thank you!

Sebastian Hindman

5 Stars



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