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Energy Medicine & Spiritual Coaching

A walking lump of cells? We are more than that.


Despite a culture so focused on what we can see – the material aspect of the world – most of us acknowledge we are more than just a lump of cells; more than a brain walking around in a bag of flesh; more than a skin-encapsulated ego – but that we have a soul, a spirit, an essence, a ‘something’.  We acknowledge there is something unseen, bigger, greater going on, that we don’t fully understand.

There are many ways into this conversation.

One is to acknowledge we all have a field of energy that is part of us – which we can generally call the ‘quantum field’, the ‘energy body’ or ‘subtle organizing energy fields’.  This is where the ‘inner’ work of mind, heart and spirit is done.

It’s also in these layers we’ve heard of, for example, meridians and the work of acupuncture.

From research into the quantum world, and advanced modern physics, we understand even the seen, physical body, at the innermost level, is energy – condensed energy fields that appear as ‘solid’.

So even the physical body can be thought of as it’s own dense energy field itself – we are not just talking about what is beyond the physical body – but something that includes, but is greater than, the physical body..

Our lives can be supported or distorted by what’s in our field


Although these subtle fields go unseen by most of us, they are highly influential.  Foundational even. We understand that the form – the matter, the way things show up physically – that this follows the energy.  In this understanding, energy, subtle fields, the blueprint comes before the manifestation, the form.  If we change the energetic blueprint in the field, this can inform the body, and the body can change.

When the energy field is disorganized, fractured and conflicted, this fuels and informs our thoughts, feelings, and our physical body.

Because these conflicts in the field ‘download’ into the body, often physical-focused approaches such as supplements, foods, and lifestyle changes  can only go so far, which is why we often recommend to our members doing functional medicine with us, to do what they can with tending to their energy and spirit as well.

When we look for root causes of imbalance or illness, the energy body – the subtle field – must be in the picture.  Otherwise we are distracted by the material and the seen – and our approach will be incomplete, and we may not get as deep a lasting result as we were aiming for.

The holistic approach looks at the whole picture – the whole person – and that includes unseen, subtle elements.  The field

 In this deeper work, we focus on attending to the inner world.

In doing this, you can change core patterns and perceptions, create movement and clarity where there was stagnation, and can initiate new chapters of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in your life.  You may shift patterns around:

– Negative self-messaging
– Self-devaluation, unworthiness, anxiety
– Spiritual conflicts and the feeling of ‘looping’ or being ‘on repeat’
– Self-sabotage, ‘hangups’, triggers
– Issues that may be blocking or slowing us from making the changes we know we “ought to” be making.

Doing this work allows us to cultivate:

– Clarity
– Confidence
– Physical and mental energy
– Digestive strength
– Resilience to stress
– Healthier inner narratives and boundaries
– A better organized mind
– Less neurotic or obsessive patterning
– Connection to purpose
– Deeper groundedness

We are currently growing our selection of energy medicine offerings, which include:

Dr. Alexandra Cope
5-Elements healing & Somatic Experiencing sessions

Mikhael Solenne
Offering programs for heart-centered, conscious entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, and creatives to strengthen, clarify and build their energetic and inner foundations, so you can stand tall, speak up, show up better, and more powerfully bring their light – their blessing – to their kids, their clients, their community, and the world.


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