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Corporate Wellness

Be Vital is here to revolutionize corporate wellness! We’re committed to helping companies create a corporate-wide culture of wellness. We help businesses save on healthcare costs and give their employees the tools they need for preventive health care. Our team of experts provides personalized support, disease prevention strategies, chronic condition management – all at an unbeatable price point under $2K annually per employee. Now that’s looking out for your people in a big way!




To help reduce health care costs and expenses due to loss of productivity. Nearly half of the U.S population is living with a chronic illness, leading to skyrocketing health care costs for companies and huge losses in productivity every year. U.S companies annually spend an estimated $13 billion on obesity alone. One employee with diabetes may be costing your business up to $15K per year – but it doesn’t have to be this way! It’s estimated that taking proactive steps towards improving employee well-being could reduce these expenses by billions each year!

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Our Corporate Wellness Program is designed to make a positive impact on your organization. Our data demonstrates that 84% of participants experience weight loss and 63% improve their blood sugar and diabetes with the comprehensive Functional Medicine approach. Other benefits of this program include increase in employee attraction and retention, improved work performance among staff members, higher morale across the company as well as decreased absenteeism/sick days and presenteeism* – making for a smarter workplace with better-balanced employees who bring greater corporate reputation!

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Our Corporate Wellness Program is designed to ensure that all your employees reach their peak health. We use a three-pronged approach – with Food as Fuel giving them knowledge on healthy eating, Integration providing certified coaches for guidance and Restore & Reverse utilizing Functional Medicine principles to identify the root causes of any imbalances in your employee’s body. All our diet and lifestyle content has been created by experts ensuring premium quality teaching videos and handouts covering exercise, stress management, recipes plus individual coaching sessions monthly. We strive to have all your employees reach optimal health regardless of their health starting point – whether they have a Ferrari, Camry or a lemons car.

Food is fuel.

1. Food is Fuel.
Eating healthy isn’t just common sense – it’s key for optimal health and wellness! We offer an evidence-based approach to nutrition with support from our coaches, along with digital resources like videos, handouts, home exercises and recipes tailored towards nourishing your body. Upgrade the fuel in your tank today – go premium on the food you consume so that you can be at peak performance every day.

Integration = Growth

2. Integration = Growth.
Want to drive success at your company? Fuel up with the right integration. Coaching plays a critical part in revving employees into gear by integrating healthy diet and lifestyle habits that will last well beyond a short-term fix. Think of our coaches as crew chiefs – they’ll steer their team on an efficient journey, ensuring all elements are performing at peak level when it counts most! This program provides insured individuals access to certified health coaches for one-on-one sessions plus virtual group classes monthly addressing any diet, supplement or lifestyle questions along the way.

Restore & Reverse

3. Restore & Reverse.
Are your employees feeling the effects of chronic health issues? Utilizing Functional Medicine principles to identify, prevent and reverse chronic diseases in your employees can have powerful, lasting effects. This approach is an incredible way to address root causes and restore balance. Get ready to supercharge with us today!

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