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I’m Melanie Dorion, Founder and Medical Director of Be Vital Health Center. This is my process.


I Help You Create a Team I Create a Personalized Treatment Plan I Take an In-Depth Look Inside I Look at the Whole You

I look at the whole you.

I want to know ALL of your story: how your body became out of balance and how it is not performing optimally matters. During your initial visit, we will review your history and discuss ALL facets of your health, physical, mental and emotional, which will help me get to know you and how to support optimal health better.

I take an in-depth look inside.

Functional medicine gets to the root cause of illness. To get to the core of what is causing imbalance, we need to take a comprehensive look inside your body. Together, we do a thorough assessment including blood, urine and, potentially, stool testing as well as salivary and genetic analysis. This comprehensive physical evaluation will allow me to get to know how your insides are fully functioning.

I create a personalized treatment plan just for you + guide and coach you towards success.

We are a partnership! I am a medical coach guiding you through the steps to restore and optimize your health. Like an athlete that requires regular training to see improvements, you also need a plan to optimize your health. My plan will include weekly and monthly steps with regular check-ins and follow-ups to ensure I can make needed changes to your training program.

I help you create a team.

Reaching optimal health and performance may require multiple practitioners. I will evaluate areas of need and bring necessary “expert players” to support you in achieving your health and performance goals.

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